About us

Since 2015, our company has been conducting experiments related to the results of using chitosan for effective prevention and protection against viruses in the cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbers. We noticed that the use of chitosan for watering plants as well as for spraying inhibits the growth of the virus in the plant. Chitosan does not eliminate the virus but allows the grower to significantly reduce the losses.

Chitosan is one of the few natural substances that can cause plant cell compartmentalisation. Important cell organelles are surrounded by a lipid membrane that acts as a barrier to the virus. At the beginning of 2022, thanks to many trials and experiments carried out in horticultural farms, we obtained a product that has the optimal chitosan particle size. This allows the plant to; absorb larger amounts of chitosan, chitosan is more mobile in the plant, the cell compartmentalisation process takes place faster.

The first effect visible on a tomato plant once TOBRE has been applied is a reduction in the amount of “speckled” fruit, the number of yellow leaves is reduced, and the photosynthetic surface increases. When cucumber plants are infected, the use of TOBRE inhibits the symptoms on the existing leaves, and the new leaves are of normal structure.

TOBRE has a preventive and interventional effect.

 We are currently conducting experiments on other plant species infected by viruses.

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Piotr Słomiany